Par Masters The Hybrid Grip (13PK)

Par Masters The Hybrid Grip (13PK)

Par Masters The Hybrid Grip (13PK)

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Grip It And Rip It

Our Par-Masters The Hybrid  Grip is great for both Rookie and Pro players, grip for every level of playing.

Tired of getting stuck with grips that don't hold grip even under the toughest scenarios, our hybrid grip is the solution every golfer has been looking for.

Sweaty palms from a hot day, rainy hands from a surprise range shower mid game. Our Hybrid grip is designed of special moisture wicking material that not only absorbs but filters out to allow maximum grip no matter the case.

Studies have proven year after year that on average an active golfer who regrip their golf clubs at least once a year will improve their score 3 to 4 strokes per round.


Grip Size Hand Measurement Glove Size
Junior/Undersize < 7 inches Small
Standard 7 to 8 ¾ inches Medium / Large
Midsize 8 ¼ to 9 ¼ inches Large
Oversize/Jumbo > 9 ¼ inches Extra Large

*Standard Size .580*


  • All Weather Grip 
  • Long Lasting Tackiness
  • Superior Vibration Dampening
  • Ready for Beginner or Advanced level golfers


Color: Black

Material: High-Quality Turf Indoor/Outdoor

Grip Size: Standard.580

Bonus Update: Extended Edges

*Colors May Vary*

What's Included In Your Order:

13 x Par Masters The Grip 

Top Rated Equipment

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