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Set Up Instructions

Floating Green Setup Instructions 

  • 1. Take the floating green out and allow a couple of hours for it to spread out and allow it to return to its natural shape again. Gently applying weight helps speed the process up.
  • 2. If you did not purchase the upgraded Hole In One Flag then please insert the metal tray in the middle hole, you will need to apply pressure as it is designed to be extremely tight and avoid any water from getting through. Once the tray is in please insert the flag. Hole In One Flag set up: Take flag pieces out of the box, screw together both pole pieces which meet down the middle, before screwing in the cap at the top of the flag, slide the flag through the pole and then secure in place by screwing cap at the very top. Screw bottom flag piece into the cup insert. Place flag with cup insert attachment into cup located tightly on the Floating green.
  • 3. Customers who have purchased our new Anchor device for the Floating Green; please locate a corner on the green that has been specifically designed with a hole to allow the device to clip onto the green without compromising the green itself during use.
  • 3. Step back, set up your teeing mat, and swing on!

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