Par Masters Swing Practice Master

Par Masters Swing Practice Master

Par Masters Swing Practice Master

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Master The Technique Of The Perfect Swing!


Recent study shows that a seasonal golfer who incorporates Swing Training  10-20 swings every day will achieve the perfect neutral swing two times faster than those who don't.

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Master the technique of short distance shots or driving  long distance shots.

Build confidence in your shot! Build Muscle Memory and streghthen your swing. Our Master Lag Technology will help build the core muscles needed to become a Par Master in Golf.

Learn how to control and place the ball exactly where you want it to go. Develop better overall mechanics including swing tempo and flexibility.

Our new Par Master Swing Master is arguably one of the most popular golf training aids on the market. Improve your your overall cardio and strength faster like the Pros!

Par Master Size Recommendation:

Small (40 in.) For those under 5'6  |  Large (48 in.) For those 5'6 or taller.


  • Ready for Beginner or Advanced level golfers
  • Develop Core Golf Muscles Quick
  • Develop An Effortless, Balanced And Rhythmic Swing
  • Build Muscle Memory And Strengthen Your Swing 
  • Build Confidence In Your Swing With Our Master Lag Technology 
  • Great Warmup Tool Before Rounds 


Color: Black, Yellow, Red, Blue

Material: High Quality Fiber Glass Double Weaved 

Dimensions: Small 40in | Large 48in


What's Included In Your Order:

1 x  Par Master Speed 

1 x Instructions and Training Instructions 


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