Par Masters Club Groove Brush

Par Masters Club Groove Brush

Par Masters Club Groove Brush

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Play Clean, Not Dirty!

Just A Brush A Way!

Animated GIF Our Par Master Club Groove Brush durable and ready to clean like no other brush has cleaned your clubs. Great for both Rookie and Pro players, fun for everyone at any level! 

Maximum cleaning strength to ensure optimal spin on the ball and better contact. With our unique ergonomic design with the golf in mind, our brush will work for you not against you like most do today.

Compatible and safe to use with the leading brands in the club industry: Callaway, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Cleveland and Nike to name a few.


  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Wool Wire Bristles Penetrate The Grooves To Ensure Deep Cleaning
  • Durable and Soft Designed Handle With Pressure Points 
  • Travel Clip Allows Easy Transportation During Game Play 


Color: Grey, Black, Red, Blue, Green

Material: Steel Wool, PP Hair + ABS Plastic 

Dimensions: 1 in.

Bonus: Easy Pull Elastic Rope + Keychain 

What's Included In Your Order:

 1 x Par Masters Club Groove Brush

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