The Ugly Putt: Practice Make Perfect

Golf takes a lot of learning and discipline..

Theres always room to skill up or level up. Why not start now?

Perfecting all your swings so you can lower your score requires great effort. And while most people would tell you to practice more, you need more than that to improve.

Here are some tips for you:

Set measurable goals for yourself to track improvement. For example hitting 80% of greens in regulation, no missed fairways off the tee or making 20 3-foot putts.

 Having properly fitting equipment that will enhance your swings.

⛳ Swing more and experiment on your swings. Don't be afraid to try other techniques, you might find them better.

⛳ Improve your stamina so you can last through the whole game without fatigue.

⛳ Hold your pose after every shot so you learn more about technique and how you can improve your bodies range of motion?

 ⛳ Perfecting and rounding out your swings will not only lower your score but Canadian ghostwriter raise your morale to continue pushing forward and becoming the Par Master you can truly be!

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